Investing in Africa – how to maximise your return

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We will be producing a series of blog posts assisting clients looking to invest in Africa with achieving maximum return from their investments.

There is a well reported need for sizeable investment into African infrastructure in order for Africa to reach its economic potential.  But currently sub-Saharan Africa attracts only 2 to 3 per cent of total global foreign direct investment.

Africa is often seen as a difficult place in which to do business. The combination of structural issues and logistical difficulties sometimes seem impossible to conquer.

So what are the main factors which need to be taken into account when considering investing in Africa?  In this series of blogs, we will be examining some of these, including:

  • Navigating the local political, legal and regulatory environment;
  • Understanding your key financial obligations;
  • Managing risk;
  • Operating your assets within the fiscal and taxation regime; and
  • Ensuring a pain free exit.

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Africa is as dynamic a market as it is diverse. We understand that changes impacting your business can arise rapidly and vary significantly across the continent.

Our understanding of Africa’s markets stems from extensive experience on the ground. Through our Inside Africa blog, we aim to apply this insight to provide you with timely commentary on the latest developments across Africa, as well as insight into the many nations that make up this vast continent.

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